How to Show Video Ads Defaulted to Mute


Publishers who have integrated the AerServ Android SDK 2.38 or higher and/or AerServ iOS SDK 2.36 or higher can now configure a placement to show video ads defaulted to mute.

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Available For:

  • aerWall Rewarded
  • aerWall Non-Rewarded (Both)
  • aerWall Non-Rewarded (Video Only)

Please Note:

Muting is only for videos served through aerMarket. Publishers will need to ensure this is configured for any mediated ad sources that are bound to this placement.


How to Mute Video in the Onboarding Flow  


Step 1:  Add Your App/Site

For detailed information on how to set up your app or site, please click here.

Step 2:  Choose Your Ad Products

Please note that default muting is only available for the aerWall Ad Product. Once you select aerWall as a product, you will have the option to check "Default Video to Mute."


How to Mute Video in the Edit Placement View 


Step 1:  Go to the "Inventory" Tab

Step 2:  Click the Edit Icon

Click the Edit Icon next to the aerWall placement you wish to add default muting to. Once in the edit page, you will see the option to check the Default Video to Mute" field. 


Muting with Mediation

For any mediated ad sources that you bind to a PLC, please ensure that you can mute ads on the mediated ad source side. 

AerServ cannot control whether ads served by your mediation partners are presented muted or not.



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