DataServ Formatting Guidelines (for Publishers)


AerServ allows all publishers to monetize the data associated with their users, as well as their mobile inventory - all in one central location. 

Getting Started:

  1. To begin monetizing your data, we will be assigning you a publisher account manager. Please contact us indicating your interest in DataServ Data Monetization.
  2. Once you have been contacted by one of our account managers, please send us a sample data file with a minimum of 100 rows; refer to the tables below for the requested data types. Since we are not requiring every field, please include column labels in your sample file.
  3. Once we have verified the sample data file for correct formatting, we will set up an Amazon S3 or SFTP account for the regular delivery of full data sets.



  • Publishers should not provide data for users under the age of 13.
    • Aerserv does not accept any data for users under the age of 13, and we require that publishers have the ability to filter out this data on their end. If they cannot filter it, then we cannot accept their data.
  • Column Ordering – We request columns in a specific order. If you do not have the value of a non-mandatory field, you are not required to include that column in your data file, but please maintain the order in which we request:
    • (1) Device ID; (2) ID Type; (3) User Agent; (4) IP Address; (5) Email; (6) MD5 Hash (Email); (7) SHA1 Hash (Email); (8) Timestamp; (9) SHA256 Hash (Email); (10) Opt Out; (11) Latitude; (12) Longitude; (13) Horizontal Location Accuracy; (14) Street; (15) City; (16) State; (17) Zip Code; (18) Country; (19) Phone; (20) Gender; and (21) Date of Birth.
  • Data Columns – Including the column header row (e.g. Device ID, Email, etc.) in your data file is not required, but if you do not include the column header row, then specify in an email the order of the columns and what data each column contains.
  • File Format – Please deliver your file in comma separated format (i.e. .csv).
  • Device ID – We request either the AAID (Google Android Advertising ID) or the IDFA (Apple Identifier for Advertising).
  • Privacy – DataServ utilizes the MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hashing algorithm to hash Personally Identifiable Information (PII), so publishers may also hash their user data prior to sending it to us, using MD5, SHA1, or SHA256 hashing algorithms. If hashing the data prior to sending it to AerServ, do not hash the Device ID, Age, or Gender fields.
  • Geo – We are currently only accepting US data.
  • Historical Data – Please include records that are no more than 200 days old in the data file.
  • Opted Out – If users have the 'do not track' setting on, or have opted-out from having their data shared, do not include those records in the data file.
  • Delivery Frequency – Please deliver incremental (new) data on a weekly or biweekly (i.e. every other week) basis, and full data sets every 6 months.


Data Specifications

*Please leave columns blank for unfilled optional and strongly recommended fields.

Required Fields

Device ID  69A2109A-0134-4EEC-B4AF-65855133B008 32

Please include dashes & do not hash.

AAID (Google Android Advertising ID)
IDFA (Apple Identifier for Advertising)

ID Type 'AAID' for Android
'IDFA' for iOS
4 Device ID Type.
IP Address 45 IP address of the device (IPv4 or IPv6).

No Limit

We only require one type of email: Unhashed, MD5, SHA1, or SHA256.

We prefer hashed emails in all three formats, but is not required. If emails are left unhashed, it should be properly formatted (i.e. '@' symbol, etc.) 

Emails should be lowercased and whitespace should be removed prior to hashing.

MD5 Hash (Email) a010407ea27f6a9ccc70e5d1
SHA1 Hash (Email)



SHA256 Hash (Email)




Timestamp 1455172609 10 Unix Timestamp of when the user was active/logged in.
Opt Out 0 1

Whether the user has explicitly opted-out ("1", otherwise "0").

We request data from users who have not opted-out; therefore, this field should be "0".


Strongly Recommended Fields

Latitude 42.279150 No limit Latitude of the user.
Longitude -71.138674 No limit Longitude of the user.


Optional Fields

User Agent "iPhone 6; iPhone OS 9.2" No limit

User-Agent string of the device.

Please surround this value by quotation marks.

Horizontal Location Accuracy 16 No limit Accuracy of the measurement (in meter, from the operating system (AndroidiOS).
Street 123 Mockingbird Lane 30 The street address of the user. 
City Irvine 20 The city of the user's address. 
State CA 2 The USPS abbreviation for the state of the user's address.
Zip Code 92618 10 The zip code of the user's address. 
Country US 2 The Alpha-2 country code of the user's address.
Phone 9234567890 10

Do not include symbols.

The user's phone number.

Gender 1 1 The ISO code of the user's gender.
Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY 10

The user's date of birth.

Include forward slash.


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