Formatting DataServ Import File (for Publishers)


  • AerServ allows all publishers (whether signed up with AerServ or not) to monetize the data associated with their users, as well as their mobile inventory - all in one central location. 
  • To get started with DataServ Data Monetization, please contact us, in order to prepare your data to send to AerServ. Please follow the formatting guidelines set forth in this Wiki.
  • Note: DataServ utilizes the Sha1 hashing algorithm to hash Personally identifiable information (PII) user data, so publishers may also hash their user data prior to sending it to us. If hashing the data prior to sending it to AerServ, do not hash the Device ID, Age or Gender fields.
  • Including the column header row (Device ID, Email, Street,...) in your data file is not required, but if you do not include the column header row, then specify in an email the order of the columns and what data each column contains.
  • If users have the 'do not track' setting on or have opted out from having their data shared, do not include those records in the data file.



File Layout Sample

CSV File Format:




Data Specifications

Device ID  123456789 50  Do Not Hash
We are wanting the Google Advertising ID or the iOS IDFA
Email No limit Must contain "@" and "." symbols.
Street 123 Mockingbird Lane 30  
City  Irvine 20  
State  CA 2  
Zip Code 92618  10  
Country  US 2  
Phone  1234567890 10 Do not include symbols.
Age - Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY 10 Include forward slash.
Gender M 1  
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