How To Set Up Appnext (SDK) As An Ad Source

Please Note: 
You must be running AerServ Android SDK v. 2.42.1 or higher.
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Ad Source Details:


How to Set Up the Appnext Ad Source


Step 1:  Create your account for Appnext

Step 2:  Sign into Appnext ( You will find yourself on Appnext's dashboard

Step 3:  Hover over the 'Apps' tab in the upper tabs near Appnext's logo, and click on 'Add New App'

Step 4:  Click Android, and fill the form as needed.

Step 5:   Log on to and click on the Ad Sources link at the top of the page. For details on how to set up an ad source, click here.

Step 6:   Click the + or the Add New Ad Source button on the page.

- For setting up an AppNext ad source for mediation through AerServ, you will need to provide your application’s placement ID. You can find the Placement ID by clicking on ‘Manage Apps’ at the top of their dashboard, then clicking on the cog for the line that corresponds to your application, and then clicking ‘Settings & Placements’. Your Placement ID should be visible on the dashboard under ‘placement id’, and should have a ‘Status’, ‘Active’.

Step 7:  Select Appnext as the ad source. 

Step 8:   Select Appnext as the ad source. Enter a Name for the ad source (example: AppNext Interstitial).

Step 9:   Enter the following fields that are specific to the Appnext ad source. If you want to serve an AppNext static interstitial, choose ‘Interstitial’ for ‘Ad Type’, and if you want to serve an Appnext Fullscreen Video, choose ‘Fullscreen Video’:


AppNext Placement ID Provide the Placement ID provided by AppNext. This can be found under the EDIT APP view in the AppNext portal. Required 012345ca-6789-1234-1234-123456789123
AppNext Ad Type Select from either Interstitial or Fullscreen Video ad type from AppNext. Required  Fullscreen Video
SDK Timeout (ms) The adapter timeout in milliseconds. Optional  8000


Step 10:   Enter a CPM (example: 3.50)

Step 11:   Select a placement(s) to assign this ad source to

Step 12:   Select any desired geo or device targeting 

Step 13:   Click the Save button

Step 14:   Download the AerServ SDK




Please Note: 
You must be running AerServ Android SDK v. 2.42.1 or higher
Download the latest version now >>



AerServ SDK 

Supports only Android SDK level 16



Step 1.   Locate the AppNext files inside network-support/AppNext/

Step 2.   Add AppNext.aar to your app's lib folder, i.e. [Project Name]/app/libs

Step 3.   Add the following settings inside your application's build.gradle

dependencies {
compile name:'AppNext', ext:'aar' compile '' compile '' }



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