How to Create an AerServ Sub-Account


  • You now have the ability to create and manage multiple user 'sub-accounts' within the AerServ Platform for your organization.

  • Whomever is the original AerServ account holder in your organization will be considered the Account Admin with the ability to create and manage these sub-accounts.
  • Only the Account Admin will have access to changing payment and company settings.



How To Create Sub-Accounts




  1. Log in to your organization's primary AerServ account
  2. Go to the new "ADMIN" tab at the top of the nav.
  3. Click "+ NEW USER" to add information for a new user sub-account. 
    • Enter a Username for the individual.

      Please note:
      This must be unique across all AerServ publisher accounts and you will not be able to update this after creation.
    • Create a Password for the individual.
    • Enter the First and Last Name for the individual.
    • Enter the Email Address for the individual.
    • Click "SAVE"
  4. The sub-account user will then need to activate their account via email by clicking the "Activate Account" link.





How To Deactivate/Edit A Sub-Account




As the primary AerServ account holder, or Admin, you have the ability to deactivate and reactivate sub-accounts. 

  1. Log in to your organization's primary or Admin AerServ account.
  2. Go to the new ''ADMIN" tab at the top of the nav.
  3. Click the "Edit" icon or "Deactivate" link next to the sub-account you wish to edit/deactivate.


Please note:
We do not currently offer the ability to completely delete users. 



Reporting for Sub-Accounts

Sub-account users can also create custom reports. All custom reports created will be shared among all other organization sub-account and admin users.


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