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1. Mark native ads clearly.

Your native ads must include text that distinguishes the ad from the rest of the app content. For example, text like "Sponsored," "Promoted," etc. Do not attempt to mask the ads as app content.




2. Include the Title and Image assets.

Your native ads must contain any asset that has the ‘required’ attribute set to ‘1’ at a bare minimum, but we recommend incorporating as many assets as possible without breaking the context of your app content. Providing more information for the user will help them decide whether they want to click on your native ads. Better ad performance leads to higher revenue.




3. Follow the styling of your app content.

Use the same color and style elements as the rest of your site or app to make the native ad appear as a natural extension of the layout.




4. Do not change the native ad assets.

Your advertising partners expect their ads to be accurately presented in your app. You may not modify the native assets passed through to you. For details on what modifications are allowed, please see the table below.



Please follow the following guidelines for native asset modifications. A native ad may return the following assets that must be shown if required is set to 1.


Asset Modification Details

Must be 25 characters max.

Publisher cannot shorten what is returned.


Android - 1200x627; can scale down if aspect ratio of 1.91 is maintained.

iOS - can be greater than 1200x627 (assuming that they require the same aspect ratio).


Must be at least 80 x 80px.

Publisher can scale down if aspect ratio of 1 is maintained.


Must be 100 characters max.

Publisher cannot shorten what is returned.

Publisher cannot convert to uppercase.

Sponsored By

Publisher cannot shorten what is returned.



5. Do not overlap elements.

Native ads must be displayed in a dedicated space within the app layout with each element clearly visible. Do not allow any elements to overlap.




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