Best Practices for Mediation

Welcome to AerServ! 

Please use these tips to make the most out of your monetization experience with AerServ.


Best Practices for Mediation

AerServ recommends adding 3-5 ad networks to your Mediation stack to optimize your inventory. See our suggestions per ad type below! 




   Static Interstitial


   Pre-Roll Video


   Video Interstitial


   Rewarded Video




Best Practices for Optimization

See our suggestions below!


   Update to the Latest SDKs.


We're constantly making improvements to boost your revenue!


   Diversify between SDK adapters & S2S.


Keep it varied! And don't be afraid to test.


   Enable API reporting.


Get the most accurate look at your data with API reporting.


   Add dynamic pricing partners.


Dynamic bid floors are your friend... a number of our partners will offer a higher price to win the auction.


   Help with Timeouts


Contact AerServ support for help!


   Parameters, parameters, parameters!


Make sure to pass as many as possible. We're talking Lat/Long, URL, Cachebuster, etc.


   Optimize Pricing per GEO.


US, UK, AU, CA, etc.


   Scale Gradually.


Start with a cap on sent opportunities, then scale gradually. 


   Use Our Mediation Platform.


It will help maximize your fill rate and CPMs.


   Don't Forget About Ad Performance!


Better VTR/CtR performance leads to higher fill rate.


   ...or Use Rate!


Low use rate means lost revenue potential. 





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