Setting Up Unity Ads API Reporting

3rd Party API Reporting - Background

This feature allows AerServ to pull in metrics and data from your 3rd party mediated ad sources. These metrics are used to update your AerServ reports, ensuring you have the most accurate and comprehensive view of revenue performance in a central location.  

For more information about 3rd Party API Reporting, please see the Setting Up 3rd Party API Reporting Wiki.




In order to set up 3rd Party API Reporting in AerServ for Unity Ads Mediation Ad Network, you will need to retrieve the following reporting credentials from the Unity Ads Interface.


Required Credentials:

  • Game ID
  • Placement ID
  • API Key (Statistics API)




Here are some tips for finding these reporting

credentials within the Unity Ads interface



Game ID


TLDR: Contact your Unity Ads account manager for your Game ID.



Placement ID


TLDR:  Operate > Projects > Select Project (App) > Monetization > Placements > Select Placement > "Placement ID"




From the Unity Ads dashboard, select "Operate" from the top navigation bar, then select
"Projects" from the lefthand navigation column to view all apps. Select your desired app from the "Project" index, then select "Monetization" from the new lefthand navigation column to reveal the "Placements" link. Click "Placements" from the navigation, then select your desired placement to view your Placement ID.



API Key (Statistics API)


TLDR:  Operate > Ad Data Export > API Access > "Statistics API"




From the Unity Ads dashboard, select "Operate" from the nav. Then select the "Ad Data Export" in the lefthand navigation column to reveal "API Access" link.



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