How to Set Up MyTarget as an Ad Source

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You must be running AerServ Android SDK v. 2.43.0 or higher.
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Ad Source Details:




How to Set Up the MyTarget Ad Source


Step 1:  Create your account for myTarget

Step 2:   Log on to and click on the Ad Sources link at the top of the page

Step 3:   Click the + or the Add New Ad Source button on the page (assuming that this ad-line is active on myTarget side, create an ad source on AerServ with the Ad Unit ID given from myTargt e.g. '012345ca-6789-1234-1234-123456789123')

Step 4:   Enter a Name for the ad source (example: myTarget Video)

Step 5:   Select myTarget as the ad source

Step 6:   Enter the following fields that are specific to the myTarget ad source:





AerServ SDK


Step 1. Locate the MyTarget SDK files inside network-support/MyTarget/

Step 2. Add mytarget-sdk-x.x.x.aar (replacing x.x.x with the version number) to your app's lib folder, i.e. [Project Name]/app/libs

Step 3. Add the following settings inside your application's build.gradle, replacing x.x.x with the actual version:

dependencies {
    compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
    compile(name: 'mytarget-sdk-x.x.x', ext: 'aar')



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