Prebid Adapter Integration


  • The AerServ Prebid adapter allows a publisher to include AerServ within the Prebid open source header bidding platform. The Adapter can be used to request banner and video ads for mobile web and desktop.
  • AerServ does not currently support In App requests through the AerServ Prebid Adapter.

  • AerServ supports the latest Prebid library



1. Integrate the Prebid Adapter

1. Install the Framework

If the publisher does not have the Prebid framework installed, they need to install the framework first as detailed on the Prebid website:


2. Add the AerServ Prebid Adapter

Once the framework is installed and working, then the publisher must add the AerServ Prebid adapter:


3. Integration Support

AerServ does not provide support for integrating the Prebid framework. Support can be found on the prebid website:


2. Create the AerServ Ad Placement

1. Create a Site in AerServ

The publisher must first create a site in the AerServ UI for their inventory. Instructions on how to set up a site on the AerServ UI can be found here.


2. Create a Placement in AerServ

Once the publisher has created a site in the AerServ UI, they then need to create a placement. Instructions on how to set up a placement for a site on the AerServ UI can be found here.


3. Sending Prebid Header Requests to AerServ


The Aerserv placement that was created should be passed in the Prebid ad request. No other parameters need to be passed in the request.



In addition, to the parameters sent for banner requests, for video two additional parameters can be passed 'vpw' and 'vph', to designate the video player width and height.


4. Reporting for Prebid

Reporting All Prebid requests and impressions can be viewed in the AerServ reporting dashboard. Instructions for AerServ reporting can be found here.



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