Why are there reporting discrepancies between AerServ & the ad network I'm using?

There could be multiple reasons for a discrepancy in reporting between what AerServ reports and the numbers your third party ad network/ad source reports.

Time zone

All reports in AerServ use the time zone, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT). The third party ad network you are using may use a different time zone for their reporting. 

Measurement / Filtering

While the Interactive Advertising Bureau has made efforts to standardize the way the advertising industry measures delivery, different ad networks, exchanges, and platforms will often have different implementations. 

Your third party ad network may be filtering out impressions from a particular GEO or impressions from the same user if a frequency cap is in place.


There may be an issue with the implementation of the SDK or JavaScript tags. A few questions:

  • Did you follow our SDK/tag implementation guide?
  • Did you use any PLC more than once per page?

CPM vs. CPI vs. CPA vs. CPC

When adding an ad source, you have the option of selecting different pricing types based on the type of ad source. For banner and HTML interstitials, you can select CPM or CPC. For video, you can select CPM, CPC, or CPCV (cost per completed view). 

You may have made a selection on this page that doesn't accurately reflect the pricing model of the third party ad network you're working with. 

For example, you integrate the AdColony ad source via third party SDK adapter. This ad source is automatically set to a CPM pricing type due to the SDK adapter. However, AdColony may pay publishers based on a CPCV basis. 

SDK vs. Server to Server

There are differences in reporting for third party networks integrated via SDK adapter vs. server to server (API). If an ad network is integrated via adapter and third party SDK, there is less information available to AerServ. Therefore, discrepancies may arise due to limitations of the third party SDK integration. 

What is an industry standard, or accepted percentage, for discrepancies?

Discrepancies within 10% are typically accepted. 

If you need any help, please contact your account manager - we are happy to help.

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