Getting Started with aerMarket Ad Exchange

Setting Up aerMarket Ad Source

Once you've set up your app or site, and created an ad placement, you're ready to set up aerMarket.



For detailed instructions on How to Add Your Inventory, please click here.
For detailed instructions on How to Set Up an Ad Placement, please click here.



What is aerMarket?

aerMarket is AerServ's Ad Exchange that connects mobile publishers to premium brand advertisers. Developers can monetize their ad inventory through open and private marketplace campaigns, yielding the highest CPM for each impression.


How do I set up aerMarket?

App/Placement Onboarding Wizard

  • During Step 1 - Set Up Your App of the onboarding flow, you will be asked to add information for the app you wish to monetize.
  • During Step 2 - Choose Your Ads, you will be asked to add at least one ad placement for that app and make your configurations.
  • When you reach Step 3 - Choose Your Ad Networks of onboarding, you will see that we have already included aerMarket Exchange (AerServ) as an ad source, so all you need to do is complete the wizard and download the SDK!




Setting Up Additional aerMarket Ad Sources

Premium publishers have the ability to add a secondary aerMarket Ad Source and control its location within the waterfall. For more information, please see How to Set Up an Additional aerMarket Ad Source.


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