Getting Started with Mediation



AerServ | InMobi Ad Mediation

Maximize your ad revenue with the industry's
first in-app header bidding solution for mobile apps.

Get AerServ + InMobi demand for Monetization, as well as 30+ Additional Demand Sources via a single platform. 

Once you've set up your app or site, and created an ad placement, you're ready to set up ad sources for Mediation to reap the full benefits of OpenAuction's simultaneous ad calls and dynamic bids.



Please note: You will need to create accounts for whichever new ad sources you wish to set up in the AerServ | InMobi mediation platform. For a list of supported networks and their respective support links, please see Supported Ad Networks for Mediation.



When you reach Step 3 of the wizard, you will see that we have already included aerMarket as an ad source, so all you need to do is add any other mediation partners you work with.



Please fill in the Network Credentials for each Ad Network you would like to use as ad sources. To acquire these Network Credentials, you will have already created an account with the ad network/ad source. 

Next, you can set your Ad Source Priorities.



AerServ Auto-Pilot automatically optimizes your yield so that you make the most revenue for each ad opportunity, but we also allow you to set which ad source(s) get first look with our Pinning Feature.

Pin whichever ad sources you would like to place in the first-priority bucket. The ad sources you pin will get the first chance to fill your inventory.

Don't forget to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page to save your pins!


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