Prioritizing Ad Sources


AerServ allows you to set up and prioritize multiple third party ad networks, or ad sources, to optimize your revenue and yield. In order to start prioritizing your ad sources, you will need to do three things:

  1.  Create an APP (click here for details)
  2.  Create an AD PLACEMENT (click here for details)
  3.  Create an AD SOURCE (click here for details)  


All ad source prioritization is done at the Placement (PLC) level.
When an ad source is created and assigned to a placement, it will be given a priority of 5 by default.
Two ad sources cannot share the same priority for the same PLC.

Selecting a Placement

  • To start prioritizing ad sources, click on the 'Ad Sources' link on the menu at top and the Ad Source Management link in the sub-menu.
  • On this page you'll be able to select a specific app and placement and view all the ad sources assigned to it.


Changing Ad Source Management (Pinning Feature) 

Changing your ad source priorities is easy within AerServ! Enter in a CPM, Enable Auto Reporting API, or Pin an Ad Source As Top Priorities and Maximize your Mobile Revenue.  



Why do Ad Source Priorities Matter?

The ad source priorities set within the AerServ platform will be used to determine the order in which ad sources are called when an ad opportunity is available. If your ad sources have passed budgeting and targeting (geo, device, etc.), the ad sources will be attempted sequentially in order of highest to lowest.  

If an ad source is called and does not return an ad, AerServ will attempt the next ad source in the priority list.  


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