Mobile Banner Tag Integration

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The AerServ mobile banner tag is intended for publishers that would like to integrate banner ads into their mobile properties, and are not able to integrate the AerServ SDK. The mobile banner ad tag is a small piece of JavaScript code that displays a mobile banner ad.

Ad Tag Types

AerServ offers multiple mobile banner ad tag types outside of the SDK.  We strongly recommend publishers integrate via JavaScript to fully maximize their revenue opportunities. 

Example JavaScript Tag

 <script src="//"></script>


Example Iframe Tag


 <iframe src="//" frameBorder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" width="320px" height="50px"></iframe>


 <iframe src="//" frameBorder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" width="300px" height="250px"></iframe>


 <iframe src="//" frameBorder="0" border="0" scrolling="no" width="320px" height="480px"></iframe>


For publishers using a third party SDK, we do not allow iFrame tags to be used. JavaScript tags must be used.

Integration Options

AerServ offers multiple mobile banner integration options outside of the SDK. 

Direct on Page

Publishers not using an adserver have the option of trafficking the mobile banner tag directly within the page code of their mobile website or app.  This is not the suggested or ideal integration as the publisher will have less control over delivery.


The mobile banner code can also be placed within an adserver to give the publisher additional flexibility, but testing needs to be done to ensure it works properly within your adserver.


The JavaScript code provided to each publisher contains a Placement (PLC) number that is unique to each publisher account and has ad campaigns assigned just for their site.  A PLC is a unique ID that is used to retrieve ads for a particular site and placement created within the AerServ platform.  Your PLC can be found within the Inventory section of the AerServ platform. Please reach out to your Account Manager with any questions regarding your PLC or how to obtain it.


Passback Tags

In the event that AerServ cannot fill a banner request, we are able to "pass back" the impression to your adserver via a "passback tag".  This is a recommended step as it allows AerServ to send the ad request back to the publisher, allowing the publisher to monetize the request somewhere else within their system.  Please contact your Account Manager for help setting up passback tags.


Keys=Macro are separated by "&" in the ad tag URI. And should be placed after the "key" key=value


It is important that each publisher using a third party adserver notifies AerServ regarding the macros they are able to populate and pass through.

If integrating at the tag level, please replace our internal macros with your server macro's.

Key Parameter Definitions

Mobile Web /App Integration
age age optional


age demographic information ie.  age=22
Cachebuster cb required


Timestamp or unique value to differentiate requests
Click clk optional  Both click macro allows you to track clicks on third party creatives ** not available for all placements or campaigns - (click macro needs to be encoded when sent in the query string)
Coppa coppa optional Both coppa compliance of app (1=compliant, 2=not coppa compiant) ex. coppa=1
Advertising ID adid required



Advertising ID - Android

Network network optional - strongly recommended


Wifi, 3G, 4G
gender gender optional


gender demographic information ie.  gender=male
Carrier carrier optional - strongly recommended


Att, Verizon
Lat lat optional - strongly recommended


Latitude of device location
Long long optional - strongly recommended


Longitude of device location
Location Source locationsource optional


Values: 1 or 2 - Origination of Lat/Long values - 1 = GPS, 2 = Derived from IP
IP ip optional - strongly recommended


IP of end user's device
Custom 1 ctm1 optional


custom value pub would like to pass
Custom 2...etc through custom 10 ctm2 optional


custom value pub would like to pass
App Name appname optional - strongly recommended


app name placement is running on
Base Domain Site URL siteurl optional - strongly recommended


Base domain of website. Example:
Device Make make optional - strongly recommended


Apple Inc.
Device Model model optional - strongly recommended


Device OS os optional - strongly recommended


Device OSV osv optional - strongly recommended


Device Type type optional - strongly recommended


Phone, Tablet
User Agent ua optional - strongly recommended Both encoded user agent of end user (user agent needs to be encoded when sent in the query string)
Cell Carrier carrier optional Both Cell Carrier - i.e. Verizon
MRAID  mraid optional Both MRAID Flag (1=allow MRAID, 0=do not allow) ex. mraid=1
year of birth yob optional Both yob demographic information - ex. yob=1985

If sending an IP through the ad request parameter (i.e.[PLACEMENT]&key=2&, make sure the same IP value in the ad request parameter is contained in the request headers for the IP



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