Should I integrate an ad source via SDK or server to server?

The answer to this question depends on a few things:

What ad source is it?

Some ad sources only offer SDK integrations, some offer both SDK and server to server (API), and some only offer API integrations. 

Check with your third party ad network to determine what they offer, and check the Add a New Ad Source page of AerServ to determine what options we currently support. 

What is your business relationship with the ad source?

A SDK integration takes longer and is considerably "deeper" as you will need to integrate the ad source via adapter, include the third party ad network SDK within your app, rebuild the app, and resubmit your app to the app store.  With this in mind, you may want to consider the duration and strength of your relationship with, or the size of the revenue opportunity from, the ad network.

Is there a unique value to the SDK vs. server to server?

Why does the ad network want their SDK integrated?  Do they have ad units that can only be rendered via their SDK?  Is it for data or campaign targeting purposes?  More campaigns?  It is important to understand if there is value to integrating the SDK vs. a server to server connection, and weigh the pros and cons of each.


If all things are equal, we recommend integrating third party ad networks via server to server as this will:

  • Reduce client side latency.
  • Allow you to easily make changes to the ad sources you're working with. Instead of having to integrate the SDK, build your project, and submit to the app store, you can simply make a few changes in the AerServ UI.
  • Reduce the need for you to constantly update your app as the ad source SDK makes updates.
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