How to Use the AerServ Integration Page

Now that you've added

your app and placements... 

Here's how to successfully integrate using the Integration Page. 


For detailed instructions on How to Add an App/Site, please click here.




The new AerServ Integration page includes 3 main sections to help you successfully integrate:

  1. Mediated SDK Adapter Bundler
  2. Dynamic Documentation
  3. Placement (PLC) Test Toggle



1. Tell Us About Your App or Site

Which app or site do you want to integrate?

Here in this dropdown you will see all of the apps/sites that have ad placements set up.
Those that do not have ad placements set up will not appear.

Select the app or site you want to integrate from the dropdown, then specify the following:




  • Android or iOS (In-App & CTV Only)

    • These selections will vary by App.
  • Whether you are using any Plugins or Platform Plugins (In-App Only) 



Did you know? 
Publishers using the AerServ SDK have seen a 795% improvement in Fill Rate and 286% more Revenue when compared to S2S connections. Try the SDK >>



2. Select Mediation SDKs for Download (SDK Only)



If you are integrating your app via SDK and taking advantage of our Mediation product, you will be able to select from a list of Mediated Ad Network SDKs to bundle into a single SDK download for your convenience. 

Simply make your selections based on the Ad Networks you've set up in Step 3 of our App Onboarding Wizard, and email yourself the single SDK bundle download.


 The email will look like this:




Please note: the "Download Bundle Now" link in this email expires each time the AerServ SDK's are updated. 



3. View Dynamic Documentation (SDK Only)



If you are integrating your app via SDK and taking advantage of our Mediation product, you will be able to view your dynamic documentation here based on the selections you've made in the previous SDK Bundler Step.

Hit the "Generate" button and your custom iOS or Android SDK Documentation will generate, including all mediated adapters you've selected.


4. Test Your Connection



Test to make sure you can see an ad and get your live PLCs with our new Test Toggle. 

Set the toggle to "Test" mode to receive test house ads (non-revenue generating), and then to "Live" when you are ready to serve live, revenue-generating ads.


What is a PLC?

A PLC, or ad placement ID, is a unique number that correlates to a specific app and ad product placement. It allows a publisher to make an ad call to the AerServ adserver for an ad.

You can test your integration by using the "Test" mode of the test toggle. Once your app is approved by our account manager, you will be able to set the test toggle to "Live" mode to display real ads.


Please note: Your PLC # is extremely important - without the correct PLC you will be unable to retrieve ads. 



Helpful Links



Set Up More Placements 

Click the Setup Another Placement button and follow the steps outlined here. 



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