How to Enable Keyword Tagging in UI & SDK

PLEASE NOTE:  This feature is only available to Premium Publishers. To learn more about how to upgrade your AerServ account to premium, please contact your account manager.


Step 1: Add an Ad Source

  1. Click on Ad Sources Tab on the top menu on the AerServ Dashboard
  2. Click on the '+ New Ad Source' Button


Step 2: Add Keyword Tags

  1. Click on the Keyword Tags tab in the Ad source menu tab
  2. Click on Add Tab
  3. Enter in your Custom Tag (Examples: NFL, Men, Women)
  4. Click on Add Tag

Step 3: Filter Keyword by Ad source

  1. Select they Keywords you have created in the previous step
  2. Drag it to the Ad source you want to filter that keyword
  3. Select Include or Exclude on you selected ad source
  4. Click Save


 Step 4A: Using Keyword tagging method in iOS SDK

  1. Go to your viewcontroller.m file
  2. Add the Keyword Tag code before call loadAd


The Keyword call method is located in ASInterstitilaViewController.h file

/ An optional set of keywords that should be passe to the ad server to receive more relevant advertising./

@property (nonatomic, strong) NSArray* keyWords;


IOS Test app example code:

NSMutableArray *keyWords = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];

   [keyWords addObject:@"keyword"];

   [keyWords addObject:@"keyword"];

   self.adView.keyWords = [keyWords copy];

Notes: Keyword are case sensitive


Step 4B: Using Keyword Tagging Method in Android SDK

  1. Go to MainAcitivity file
  2. Add in Keyword tagging code below the ad listener code
  3. Enter your Keywords



You can located the keyword call method in the ASAdView.class or ASInterstitial.class files

setKeyWords(java.util.ArrayList<java.lang.String> arrayList) { /* compiled code */ }


Android SDK Keyword Tag code:

ArrayList<String> keywords = new ArrayList<String>();




       adView.loadAd(this, getPlc());

Note: Keyword are case sensitive


Step 5: Validating Keyword Targeting

If keyword tagging is added in the sdk, during the ad request it will pass in the parameter to the ad server.

The UI will recognize the ad request to include or exlcude the keyword in the ad source you have selected.


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