Integrate AerServ as a Custom Network on MoPub

Getting Started with AerServ's MoPub Plugin

This plugin will allow MoPub publishers to add AerServ as a Custom Ad Network within the MoPub mediation platform.  This allows MoPub publishers to be able to use AerServ as an ad source option and earn revenue through aerMarket. 



  • Create your App and Ad product in AerServ
  • Integrate the AerServ SDK Android | iOS
  • Integrate the Mopub SDK Android | iOS
Step 1: Create Your App in the AerServ UI
  1. Click the Inventory tab on
  2. Click the + New App button  
Step 2: Select Your Ad Products
  • aerBanner (Banner ad):  
    • The traditional banner is the most widely used ad format on mobile devices. With multiple banner ad sizes (300x50, 320x50, 300x250, 720x90), AerServ makes it easy to monetize your mobile app with banners.  
  • aerWall (Interstitial ad):
    • Our most popular and powerful ad unit. The aerWall interstitial combines multiple ad units into one to pack a powerful punch. Our Smart Optimizer system will optimize between static interstitials, rich media interstitials, video interstitials, and more rolled up in one.  Don't waste your time trafficking - let aerWall do the hard work and bring you industry leading CPMs!
Step 3: Get Your PLC
On Step 4 of the On-Boarding Wizard, you will see both Test PLCs and your Live PLCs generated from Step 2.
Step 4:  Integrate the Mopub or SDK

If you haven't already, make sure you've integrate MoPub or SDK.

Log on to the Mopub website: MoPub Platform

Download the MoPub SDK:

Step 5: Integrate the AerServ SDK
iOS SDK Integration
Download the iOS SDK: SDK Download
Instructions for integrating the SDK: IOS Integration Docs 
The folders within the download include:
  1. lib: AerServSDK.framework
  2. network-support: The Fabric folder contains the Aerserv/Mopub network adapters files
  3. sample: Source code for a sample application ready to use with Xcode
  4. AerservFabricSampleApp: Sample application for Aerserv/Fabric (Mopub) Custom network Integration 
  5. VERSION: Version number of the SDK
Android SDK Integration
Download the Android SDK: SDK Download 
Instructions for integrating the SDK: Android Integration Docs
  1. Docs - Javadocs for the AerServ SDK API
  2. lib - Binary library for the AerServ SDK: aerserv-sdk.jar 
  3. network-support - Third party mediation SDKs  
  4. sample-eclipse - Source code for a sample application for the Eclipse IDE
  5. README.html - A link to the Android integration instructions
  6. VERSION - Version number of the SDK
Step 6: Integrating adapters


iOS Adapter Integration

Add these 4 files to your project folder. They are available in the AerServ iOS SDK download under the aerserv-ios-sdk/network-support/Fabric folder. 

  • AerServCustomEventBanner.h
  • AerServCustomEventBanner.m
  • AerServCustomEventInterstitial.h
  • AerServCustomEventInterstitial.m

If you are still having issues check out our test app for code examples located under the aerserv-ios-sdk folder. 
Android Adapter Integration

Copy all Java files from aerserv-android-sdk/network-support/fabric into your project source folder, under com/mopub/mobileleads.

If you are still having issues check out Mopub's sample app for code examples here

Step 7:  MoPub Configuration



Log on to your MoPub account and register your application on your account dashboard.

  1. Click on “Network Tab”
  2. Click on “Add a Network” 
Adding a Custom AerServ Native Network in MoPub


Once you click the “Add a Network” button, click on “Custom Native Network” as shown.  

Setting Up a Custom AerServ Native Network

Add your title edit box with a network name of “AerServ” as shown.

Add the Custom Event Classes for the iOS SDK:
  • Banner ad unit = Enter AerServCustomEventBanner in the Custom Event Class field 
  • Fullscreen ad unit = Enter AerServCustomEventInterstitial in the Custom Event Class field 
  • For each unit, you will need to add a JSON object with the following keys:
    • placement (required; JSON string)
    • timeoutMillis (optional; JSON string)
    • keywords (optional; JSON array of strings)


Add the Custom Event Classes for the Android SDK:
  • Banner ad unit = Enter com.mopub.mobileads.AerServCustomEventBanner in the Custom Event Class field 
  • FullScreen ad unit = Enter com.mopub.mobileads.AerServCustomEventInterstitial in the Custom Event Class field 
  • ‘Rewarded Video ad unit = Enter com.mopub.mobileads.AerServCustomEventRewardedInterstitial in the Custom Event Class field, and add loadCustomEvent in the Custom Event Method’
  • For each unit, you will need to add a JSON object with the following keys:
    • placement (required; JSON string)
    • timeoutMillis (optional; JSON string)
    • keywords (optional; JSON array of strings)

Creating AerServ Order

After integrating the custom network adapter, you will need to create an order for AerServ on the MoPub dashboard. 

  1. Log on to the MoPub dashboard
  2. Click the Orders tab
  3. Click the Add new order button 


Order Setup
  1. Create a Name for the order 
  2. Select Network for the type
  3. Add the AerServ Custom Event Class
  4. AerServ PLC (Placement ID) & Timeout intervals in the Custom Event Data 
  5. Set your Order Targeting Parameter. 



Setting Ad Unit Targeting

  1. Set ad unit targeting 
  2. Set Geo, Connectivity, and Device targeting
  3. Save the order  

If you have any issues during the integration process, or need any help, please email our support team at  We’d love to help you get set up!



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