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Once publishers have successfully on-boarded a new mobile app or mobile site, there is an approval process that takes place. The process allows our advertisers to accept/decline where they wish their campaigns to appear. This approval process can take up to 7 business days. 
If a publisher is already working with other existing ad networks, they can utilize our mediation platform to begin monetizing immediately. For more information about mediation set up, click here.
To check the status of your aerMarket placements, click on the 'Integration' tab and review the aerMarket Status column in Step 3. 



1. Tips to Get Approved Quickly

•  Use an App or Corporate Email Address


For verification purposes, use your app store or company e-mail address when creating an account. This will speed up the approvals process by validating your association with the app company.
Gmail and other free email services are acceptable; however, we may ask you to send us an email from your app or company email address for further verification. 


•  Provide Valid Site or App Details


When creating your Site or App, make sure to fill out as much information as possible about your app.



2. If Your Site/App gets Declined

We will provide you the reason why your app was declined in a status email. If you want additional information, please contact us at and include your app name with the PLC #.



3. Common Reasons Apps Get Declined

•  Invalid or Incomplete Details


If you have provided invalid or incomplete details when setting up your app/site, your app may be declined. Make sure you include valid information for the following: 
  1.  App Email
  2.  App Name
  3.  Domain
  4.  Bundle ID
  5.  Download Link   


•  App Content


AerServ ads are brand-safe. We are also COPPA compliant. Adult, explicit or any questionable apps will be declined. 


•  Verification Issues


For fraud prevention, verification that you are the owner of the app is required. If you are unable to provide this in a timely matter, your app will be declined.


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