Integrating AerServ JS Tag Through Mopub Mediation Platform

Step 1: Login to AerServ and Create your App & Placement

Step 2: Create Aerserv Mobile Banner Tags

The AerServ mobile banner tag is intended for publishers that would like to integrate banner ads into their mobile properties, and are not able to integrate the AerServ SDK. The mobile banner ad tag is a small piece of JavaScript code that displays a mobile banner ad. Simply replace your live PLC into the Javascript tag template. 

Example JavaScript Tag

 <script src=""></script>


Step 3: Login to Mopub Accoung & Click on the Order Tabs


Step 4:  Fill in order details & Select App
Step 5:  Add a New Creative
Step 6: Fill in Creative details & Paste JS Tags into the creative

<script src="! &lat=%%LATITUDE%%&long=%%LONGITUDE%%"></script>



Passback Tags

In the event that AerServ cannot fill a banner request, we are able to "pass back" the impression to your adserver via a "passback tag".  This is a recommended step as it allows AerServ to send the ad request back to the publisher, allowing the publisher to monetize the request somewhere else within their system.  Please contact your Account Manager for help setting up passback tags.

Mopub Recommend the following response for the passback

<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> loaded=true; window.location="mopub://failLoad"; </script>



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