How to Set Up an Additional aerMarket Ad Source

PLEASE NOTE:  This feature is only available to Premium Publishers. To learn more about how to upgrade your AerServ account to premium, please contact your account manager.



What is aerMarket?

aerMarket is the AerServ ad source, helping to fill ad opportunities generated by your placements. As a premium publisher, you have full control over where aerMarket sits in your waterfall and how aerMarket competes for your inventory. 



Why would I set up another aerMarket ad source?

Many of our publishers have had success setting up multiple price points for aerMarket within their waterfall. 

For example, a publisher may elect to setup an aerMarket ad source with a floor of $12 and place it at the top of their waterfall, and a second aerMarket ad source with a floor of $3 for the bottom of their waterfall. 

This “sandwich” allows the publisher to capture any high value campaigns at the $12 price point, waterfall to the other ad sources if no ad is returned, and then ensure a higher fill rate with a lower price point at the bottom of the waterfall. 




Setting Up the Ad Source

The initial process is the same as setting up any other ad source. The only difference is selecting aerMarket as the ad source in the setup page. For details on how to set up an ad source, click here.

  • By selecting aerMarket, selecting an 'Ad Type' will not be necessary
  • You will need to specify the 'CPM'; all other fields are optional
  • Bind the Ad Source to a Placement
  • Set any Geo and Device targeting requirements
  • Click the 'Save' button to complete creation of this aerMarket ad source

Once the new aerMarket ad source is created, it can take up to 24 business hours to have ad campaigns that meet the specific configurations to begin serving.



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