How to Set Up MobileFuse as an Ad Source

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How to Set Up MobileFuse as an Ad Source

Step 1: Adding an Ad Source

Step 2: Fill in the MobileFuse info

  1. Enter a Name for the ad source (example: MobileFuse Android Interstitial)
  2. Select MobileFuse in the dropdown box
  3. Select Ad Type Banner HTML or Interstitial HTML
  4. Enter the MobileFuse Zone ID (Go to step 3 for instructions on how to locate your MobileFuse Zone ID)
  5. Enter Over_18 for ads 18+ audience - leave blank if you don't want these ads
  6. Enter your estimated CPM
  7. Select desired Placement
  8. Set Priority
  9. Select Countries targeting
  10. Select Device targeting
  11. Click Save

Step 3: Locating MobileFuse Zone ID

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