How to Set Up TapSense as an Ad source

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How to Set Up TapSense as an Ad Source

Step 1:  Add an Ad Source

Step 2: Fill in the Tapsense info

  1. Enter a Name for the ad source (example: TapSense Android Interstitial)
  2. Select TapSense in the dropdown box
  3. Select the Ad Type (Banner HTML or Interstitial HTML)
  4. Enter the TapSense Ad unit ID (Go to step 3 for instructions on how to locate your TapSense ad unit ID)
  5. Enter COPPA Compliant - Off=not COPPA compliant, On=COPPA compliant
  6. Enter Test Mode - On=test mode, Off=live mode
  7. Enter Source ID - the ID of the supply source - TapSense must provide this value - this can be the same value for all requests coming from TapSense (email
  8. Enter the estimated CPM
  9. Select desired Placement
  10. Set Priority
  11. Select Countries targeting
  12. Select Device targeting
  13. Click Save

Step 3: Locating the Tapsense Ad unit ID

After your apps have been approved, start creating ad units for which you want to access TapSense ads.

Ad Unit Setup Steps

  1. In the Developer Center, click on Setup Ad Units
  2. Select your approved app
  3. Select a Device
  4. Select an Ad Size
  5. Select an Ad Unit Placement and orientation
  6. Name your ad unit
  7. Set your price floor

After your ad units have been set up, TapSense will generate an Ad Unit ID for each ad unit created. You can access and retrieve these ad unit ids from the Developer Center. These ad unit ids need to be substituted in TapSense's Ad Request URL as per the example below:

  • Sample TapSense Ad Unit ID: 53c8552381c54a7effd7f3f1
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