How to Set Up Chartboost as an Ad Source

Ad Source Details

Ad Source:

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Ad Type:

HTML Interstitial

HTML Banner

Ad Source Type: SDK
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Step 1:  Adding an Ad source

  1. Click the Ad Sources tab
  2. Click the + button to add an ad source

Step 2:  Fill in the Chartboost info

  1. Enter a Name for the ad source (example: Chartboost Android Interstitial)
  2. Select Chartboost SDK in the dropdown box
  3. Select Ad Type: Interstitial HTML for Interstitial Ads
  4. Enter the required ChartboostAppId - this ID is created upon adding your app in Chartboost (example: 5236c2b916ba47f46c000000)
  5. Enter the required ChartboostAppSignature this ID is created upon adding your app in Chartboost (example: 42a9b0ebb706fcc41059821e5c18e028adcede47)
  6. Enter in the estimated CPM
  7. Select the desired Placement
  8. Set Priority
  9. Select Countries targeting
  10. Select Device targeting
  11. Click Save

Step 3:  Locating ChartboostAppID & ChartboostAppSignature

  1. Log on to the Chartboost Platform and click the Dashboard link on the main menu
  2. Select your Application
  3. Click the Game Setting -> Basic Settings tab
  4. App ID: Created when you add your app (example: 5236c2b916ba47f46c000000)
  5. App Signature:  Created when you add your app (example: 42a9b0ebb706fcc41059821e5c18e028adcede47)

Step 4:  Android Integration

  • Add Chartboost.jar to your project
  • File directory: aerser-android-sdk/network-support/chartboost/chartboost.jar

Step 5: IOS integration

  • Add Chartboost.framework by clicking on the + or by dragging it to Linked frameworks and libraries
  • File directory: aerserv-ios-sdk/network-support/Chartboost/Chartboost.framework

Adding Required Frameworks

Add the following libraries and frameworks to Target > Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries:

  • StoreKit.framework
  • Foundation.framework
  • CoreGraphic.framework
  • UIKit.framework 
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