How to Use the Dashboard

The Dashboard

Whether you work with two, ten, or twenty ad networks, take action with a comprehensive view of your earnings and performance with the Dashboard.


 Dashboard Overview

You can find the Dashboard in the first tab from the left of the AerServ platform navigation bar.
When you've successfully integrated, the filled dashboard with metrics will look something like this:





Dashboard Breakdown

Section Details

Ad Performance & Earnings Graphs


  • View data for 7 Day and Month-to-Date (MTD) in the graphs by Ad Opportunities, Fill Rate, Impressions, eCPM and Revenue.
  • Hover over the graphs to view more detailed information about the performance or earnings for a specific date.
  • 7 Day is defined as previous 6 days + intraday.
  • MTD is defined as the 1st of the month through the current intraday.

% Change and Forecast Tools


  • View data for 7 Day and Month-to-Date (MTD) by Ad Opportunities, Fill Rate, Impressions, eCPM, and Revenue within their respective widgets.
  • The toggle between 7-day and MTD is located at the top of the page. This configuration will update all the widgets on the right hand column
  • Within each widget, you can view each breakdown by Ad Product.

Top 5 Ad Sources & Top 5 Placements


  • These tables provide insight on top performing Ad Sources and Placement per account
  • The sorting logic is based on revenues earned: highest on top
  • There are individual toggles to view by 7-day and MTD
  • Each view provides % change from prior 7-day and MTD


Important Notes

  • aerMarket data should be used solely as estimates, as they are subject to change. Final numbers will be sent to you by your account manager at the end of each calendar month.
  • If you have active mediated ad sources, these activities will post in these section, intraday. For more information regarding mediated ad sources, please click here.



Update Regarding Our Reporting Service

AerServ has recently implemented a throttling mechanism to the reporting service that powers the platform dashboard page, platform reporting console, and reporting APIs. To help with the overall stability of our platform AerServ implemented a threshold for each publisher account on how much data can be extracted in a 10 second duration. If there are too many simultaneous reporting queries coming from the platform or the API that exceeds our threshold during that 10 second interval, the UI will alert the publisher to try again shortly. Within the API, you will receive an error message that would look like the following:

{"error": "Request has been throttled. Publisher 214 has requested to use 30 of maximum 20 RSUs in the time range of 10s"} A status code of "429" will be returned as a response from the reporting API if the publisher has reached their reporting threshold.


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