Ad Source Prioritization (Pinning)


AerServ has moved away from Sequential (Waterfall) Ad Calls to Simultaneous Ad Calls, for ad sources, in order to reduce latency, and to yield the best possible result for the publisher.

The Ad Source Management page will allow a publisher to PIN selective ad lines that they want to prioritize over other ad lines. The Publisher can PIN multiple ad lines for each individual placement (PLC). If the ad opportunity can not be fulfilled with all the PINNED ad sources, it will attempt to fill using the remaining UNPINNED ad sources. 

In order to start pinning, or prioritizing, your ad sources you will need to do three things:

  1.  Create an APP (click here for details)
  2.  Create an AD PLACEMENT (click here for details)
  3.  Create an AD SOURCE (click here for details)  



 How to Prioritize Ad Lines


  1. Select the App, Placement, and any Geo (optional) you wish to edit ad line priorities for - Please note that ad line prioritization is done at the PLC and Geo level.
  2. Click the Pin icon on the far right of the table to move an ad line out of the simultaneous "Autopilot (*)" bucket into the "Priority (**)" bucket for that specific Ad Placement and Geo


(*) Auto-Pilot Bucket


All ad lines in this section are called simultaneously, and the winning ad line is selected based on price. If multiple bids are returned at the same price for multiple ad lines, payment term will be used to select the winning ad line.


(**) Priority (Pinned) Bucket


All ad lines in this section are also called simultaneously, however, this bucket gets first look prior to the Auto-Pilot bucket below it. If the ad lines in this bucket have different priority numbers, they will still be called simultaneously, but AerServ will return ads sequentially in the order you decide.


Please Note: 
For non-premium publishers, AerMarket will also attempt to provide ads for each ad opportunity and can potentially supersede any pinned ad sources, to provide publishers the highest paying ad. Please contact your account manager to learn more about becoming a premium publisher to customize more configurations. 


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