How to Enable Mediated Network Pinning


AerServ has moved from sequential to simultaneous ad calls for ad sources in order to reduce latency and to yield the best possible result for the publisher. The Ad Source Management page will allow a publisher to PINselective ad sources that they want to prioritize over other ad sources. The Publisher can PIN multiple ad sources for each individual placement (PLC). If the ad opportunity can not be fulfilled with all the PINNED ad sources, it will attempt to fill using the remaining UNPINNED ad sources. 

Please note: for non-premium publishers, aerMarket will also attempt to provide ads for each ad opportunity and can potentially supersede any pinned ad sources, to provide publishers the highest paying ad. Please contact your account manager to learn more about becoming a premium publisher to customize more configurations. 



Ad Source Pinning 

  1. Select the appropriate placement that needs to be edited - using the APP and PLACEMENT pull downs. 
  2. For each line that represents an ad source, there will be an icon of a PIN on the far right.
  3. Click on the icon to PIN the ad source for that placement.
  4. Click the PIN button on the confirmation screen to change the PINNING status of the selected ad source.
  5. Once all the desired ad sources have been selected for PINNING, the user will need to click the SAVE button at the bottom right of the screen to complete the PINNING process.


Ad Source Unpinning 

If the publisher wishes to UNPIN an ad source, they would repeat the steps above. When unpinning an ad source, however, the color of the PIN will no longer be highlighted in red.

Similar to the PINNING process, the publisher will need to commit the changes by clicking SAVE (same as STEP 3 above). 



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