How to Set Up Tapjoy as an Ad Source


Ad Source Details

Ad Source:


Ad Formats Supported:
Video, Interstitial HTML
Ad Source Type: SDK
Sign Up Page:
Support Page:
Required Software:
  1. Tapjoy SDK: IOS | Android | Air | Unity
  2. AerServ SDK: IOS Android | Air | Unity 
  3. Adapter Code: IOS | Android | Air | Unity

Tapjoy Setup:

  1. Tapjoy: Creating app and Placement 
  2. Tapjoy: Linking Tapjoy/Aerserv Account 
  3. Tapjoy: Creating a Aerserv Content Card


Test SDK Key

  • IOSyBUY8yalSAel-NTqqY5-RQEBnJcy0EGjEKl3fx9zzFqLHGek3XXq8QfpaCMS
  • AndroidjuGvFa97ScWPWszzhPWSlQECHP6sGxt4jb78uMJ3QFK5iiBDY1ByUGG3vqnm
  • How to locate your Tapjoy SDK Key


How to Set Up the Tapjoy Ad Source


Step 1:   Log on to and click on the Ad Sources link at the top of the page

Step 2:   Click the + or the Add New Ad Source button on the page

Step 3:   Enter a Name for the ad source (example: Tapjoy Video)

Step 4:   Select Tapjoy (SDK) as the ad source

Step 5:   Select Video or Interstitial HTML in the Ad Type drop down menu

Step 6:   Enter the following fields that are specific to the Tremor ad source: 


Placement Name

This is the unique, user-created name for your placement.



Step 7: Enter estimated CPM (e.g. 3.50). This value is used as the default CPM, not the floor.

Step 8: Select desired Placement to bind this ad source to

Step 9: Configure Country or DMA targeting

Step 10: Configure Device targeting

Step 11: Click Save


 Locating the Tapjoy Credentials 


Step 1:   In your Tapjoy dashboard, navigate to the Placements (1) page

Step 2:   You will find your Placement Names (2) here.


Setting Up Mediation in the Tapjoy Dashboard


Linking your AerServ and Tapjoy Accounts and Applications

*Note - Tapjoy-AerServ account linking is strictly one-to-one: a single Tapjoy account links to a single AerServ account. It is not possible to link multiple Tapjoy accounts to a single AerServ account or vice-versa.

Step 1:   In your Tapjoy dashboard, navigate to the Settings > App Settings (1) page.

Step 2:   From here, navigate to the Content (2) page.

Step 3:   Select the Mediation (3) tab.

Step 4:   Select AerServ in the 'Mediation Provider' field, and click Save.

Step 5:   In the Authentication Status section, click Login (4).

Step 6:   You will be redirected to the AerServ Login page. Fill out your username and password and click Login.


Step 7:   On the following page, select Approve (5) and click Submit.

Step 8:   You will be redirected back to the Tapjoy platform. Your accounts are now linked. Use the dropdown menus to select the AerServ app that corresponds to your current Tapjoy iOS and/or Android app.

Note: If your Tapjoy app is only on a single platform, you can leave the other platform blank. 

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