Setting up Aerserv Mediation Content on Tapjoy Platform

AerServ Mediation Overview

The following diagram illustrates the interaction between LTV Platform services, Tapjoy’s AerServ Adaptor, the AerServ SDK and adaptors / SDKs of optional video demand sources:

Required Softwares 
IOS Android   Air  Unity
IOS Android   Air  Unity 
IOS   Android   Air  Unity

Required Aerserv Setup: 

  1. Intergrate Aerserv SDK:
  1. Aerserv: How to create an App/Placement: Documentation | Video 
  2. Aerserv: How to create a Placement: Documentation | Video 
  3. Aerserv: How to create an Ad source: Documentation | Video 
  4. Aerserv: How to setup Tapjoy as an Ad source - Documentation | Video 

Required Tapjoy Setup: 

  1. Intergrating Tapjoy SDK
  2. Tapjoy: Creating app and Placement Guide : Documentation  | Video
  3. Tapjoy: Linking Tapjoy/Aerserv Guide: Documentation | Video
  4. Tapjoy: Creating an Aerserv Content Card Guide: Documentation | Video  
  5. Call the placement application’s code iOS | Android | Unity | Air

(Optional) Mediation Setup: 

(Optional) Configure Rewards and Virtual Currency:


Demo App: 

Demo Tapjoy SDK Key:

  • IOS:  yBUY8yalSAel-NTqqY5-RQEBnJcy0EGjEKl3fx9zzFqLHGek3XXq8QfpaCMS
  • Android: juGvFa97ScWPWszzhPWSlQECHP6sGxt4jb78uMJ3QFK5iiBDY1ByUGG3vqnm
  • How to locate your Tapjoy SDK Key

Demo Tapjoy Ad Placement: 


Demo AerServ Ad Placement: 




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