Setting Up 3rd Party API Reporting

This feature allows AerServ to pull in metrics and data from your 3rd party mediated ad sources. These metrics are used to update your AerServ reports, ensuring you have the most accurate and comprehensive view of revenue performance in a central location.  


Here are a few notes regarding this feature:

  • This feature is completely optional.
  • You can enable API reporting for one ad source but leave another disabled.  
  • If you enable API reporting for an ad source, the data integration will take place throughout the day (updated based on the frequency of the Ad Source)
  • Intraday metrics for the mediated ad source will continue to be powered by AerServ, which will be overwritten once the 3rd party data is imported.
  • Not all ad sources will have API reporting as an option. Below is a list of networks that AerServ currently supports.



AdColony Available
Admob Available
Applovin Available
Chartboost Available
InMobi Available
MoPub Available
Smaato Available
Unity Available
Vdopia Available
Vungle Available



Updating Intraday CPM Value

    • By enabling API reporting, AerServ is able to automatically update the ad source's CPM, as opposed to the static CPM value you enter when creating the ad source.
    • The goal is to update the CPM value based on what the ad source is ‘actually’ paying throughout the day (update frequency will vary based on the API settings of each ad source).
    • Enabling API reporting helps ensure our Auto-Pilot algorithm is selecting the ad source with the highest bid for any given auction.



After adding a new ad source on the 'Ad Sources’ tab, you will see a checkbox on the subsequent page to enable API reporting.

      • If you are not interested, simply click SKIP.
      • If you are interested, please check the ‘Enable API Reporting’ check box and provide the required credentials for your account. Each network will have specific requirements to enable this functionality. As a reminder, this reporting feature isn’t available for every network that we support.



If you change your mind later and wish to enable this feature, you can always EDIT your ad source to opt-in for this feature. The section will appear underneath the 'Payment Terms' section.




Below are links to help find these reporting credentials within your 3rd party network's interface. 



Each Admob Client ID is unique per app. If you wish to utilize 3rd Party Reporting for multiple apps with Admob, you must create a separate Admob Ad Source within the AerServ UI per app and use each app's unique Admob Client ID in the 3rd Party Reporting section. 

  • User Name & Password (Used to Login to InMobi)
  • Secret Key (Request from InMobi)
  • Account ID


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