How to Archive Ad Sources

The archiving feature allows you to archive Ad Sources that are either irrelevant, inactive, or no longer needed.

As most publishers prefer to only see active Ad Sources, this feature gives you control over what shows front and center on the Ad Source Index Page. 



Step 1: Pause the Ad Source

To enable the archiving option for each individual ad source, the ad source must be PAUSED first. This change can be made by going to the 'Ad Sources' tab and clicking 'Edit' next to the ad source - click 'PAUSED' for status.



Step 2: Archive the Paused Ad Source

Now that the ad source has been PAUSED, the 'Archive' icon will appear and you are able to move the ad source to the archive.

If you would like to revive/unarchive the ad source, you can do this by visiting the 'Archive' button at the top of the page. Here, can 'Unarchive' the ad source, so that it returns to the Ad Source Index Page.



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