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Android SDK                               Version #: 2.42.1   Updated: 7-13-17

 Recent Updates Include:                                                                  
  • Added support for AppNext Adapter
  • Updated HTTPS protocol


For greater details, please visit the Android SDK Integration Support Doc.



iOS SDK                                     Version #: 2.41.0   Updated: 8-8-17

 Recent Updates Include:                                                                  
  • Updated Mediation SDK Adapters
  • Tremor SDK update to
  • Millennial SDK update to 6.4.0
  • MoPub SDK update to 4.15.0
  • Flurry/Yahoo SDK update to 8.1.0
  • Facebook SDK update to 4.24.0
  • Enabled support for VAST 3.0
  • Resolved known issues with Admob and Appnexus mediated SDK


For greater details, please visit the iOS SDK Integration Support Doc.




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