How to Set Up a Custom JS Tag as an Ad Source


  • In order to set up a Custom JS tag, you will need to:
    1. Add your app or site.
    2. Create ad placements.
      • Please note: You must select either of the following Ad Products in order to set up Custom JS:

        • aerWall 
        • aerBanner


For detailed instructions on How to Add Your Inventory, please click here.
For detailed instructions on How to Set Up an Ad Placement, please click here.





Add a New Ad Source

First, navigate to the Ad Networks page, then click on '+ NEW AD SOURCE' button.


Select and Configure Custom JS Ad Source

Once you're in the ad source setup page:

  1. Create a Name for your Custom JS ad source.
  2. Select Custom JS from the 'Ad Source' dropdown list. 
  3. Choose an ad Creative Size.
  4. Enter in Custom JS Tag.
  5. Add your CPM.


Bind To a Placement

We've listed all of the placements you've set up in your account. Please choose one or more placements from this list to bind the custom JS ad source to.


Add custom targeting (optional)

  • Geography
  • Device Targeting





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