How to Set Up a Custom JS Tag as an Ad Source


  • You will need to have completed Setting up an App (Step 1 of Wizard) and Placement (Step 2 of Wizard) to successfully complete this set up. 
  • You can utilize the On-Boarding Wizard to select Custom JS (Step 3 - Mediation) OR create a New Ad Source from the Ad Source Tab outside of the wizard.


Setting Up Custom JS via On-Boarding Wizard

Step 1: Create Your App
Step 2:  Create Your Ad Placement

You must select either of the following Ad Product(s) in order to set up CUSTOM JS:

  • aerWall 
  • aerBanner

Step 3:  Select CUSTOM JS as a Network 

  1. Select Custom JS from the logo menu
  2. Create a Name for your Custom JS ad source
  3. Add your CPM
  4. Select your Size
  5. Enter in Custom JS Tag
  6. Click the Save Button  

For greater configuration options, please EDIT your Custom JS Ad Source to enable: 

  • Country Targeting
  • Device Targeting

Please see the ad source page and click edit next to your Custom JS ad source.

  How to set up an Ad Source



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