How to Set Up a Mediated Ad Source for Connected TV

Important Information for CTV

Please note that you will need to download a special SDK to monetize your Connected TV app.
You can download the CTV SDK here.



Step 1: Setting Up Your CTV App

In order to set up a Mediated Ad Source for Connected TV, you need to first set up your Connected TV App - see the Connected TV tab here for detailed instructions.





Step 2: Setting Up Placements & Ad Sources

Within the Wizard Flow:

When you reach Step 3 of the wizard, you will see that we have already included aerMarket as an ad source, so all you need to do is add SpotX if you work with them and/or Custom VAST.




Outside the Wizard Flow/Adding a New Ad Source:

      1. Click the "Ad Sources" tab in the top navigation bar.
      2. Click the "+ New Ad Source" button.
      3. Name your new ad source, then be sure to select "SpotX: CTV (SDK)" for the "Ad Source" field.
      4. Complete the remaining fields and link to your Connected TV App and Placement(s).





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