How to Set Up Videology as an Ad Source

Ad Source Details:


How to Set Up the Videology Ad Source


Step 1:   Log on to and click on the Ad Sources link at the top of the page

Step 2:   Click the + or the Add New Ad Source button on the page

Step 3:   Enter a Name for the ad source (example: Videology Video)

Step 4:   Select Videology as the ad source

Step 5:   Select Video in the Ad Type drop down menu

Step 6:   Enter the following fields that are specific to the Videology ad source:


Publisher ID A unique numeric string assigned to your Videology account. Required
Campaign ID

Also known as the Placement ID.
A unique numeric string assigned to your placement.



Step 7: Enter estimated CPM (e.g. 3.50). This value is used as the default CPM, not the floor.

Step 8: Select desired Placement

Step 9: Select Country or DMA targeting

Step 10: Select Device targeting

Step 11: Click Save


Locating the Videology Credentials

Publisher ID & Campaign ID


Step 1: Navigate over to the Dashboard (1) page

Step 2: Locate the desired placement and find the Publisher ID (2) and Placement ID (3), formerly known as the Campaign ID.


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