How to Track Events


AerServ is now allowing publishers to track changes, or "events", in the Event Reporting page.

AerServ will automatically log certain App, Placement, and Ad Source events in the table, but publishers can also manually create events they want to track, and compare them against revenue spikes or dips. 

We hope this new feature will help give publishers more transparency and allow them to better maximize their revenue within the AerServ platform.




How We Automatically Track Events

To save publishers' time, AerServ automatically tracks changes to the following: 

  • App Settings
  • Placement Settings
  • Ad Network Settings
  • Ad Line Settings


Examples of setting changes that will automatically be logged include:

  • Frequency & Impression Caps
  • CPMs
  • Priority/Pinning
  • Status (Active or Paused)
  • Targeting
Please Note: 
AerServ does not currently give publishers the ability to modify these automatically tracked events. 


How to Manually Add Events

Publishers also have the ability to manually add events that AerServ does not track automatically.

Here are some events we would suggest tracking on your end, that may affect performance or revenue:

  • App Crashes
  • Network Server Issues
  • Passing New Parameters


How to Bookmark Events

AerServ allows publishers to bookmark, or highlight, certain notable events.

In order to bookmark an automatically or manually logged event, simply click the Flag Icon on the righthand side of the row.


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