How to Use Ad Mode Toggle to Test PLC Connection

Now that you've added

your inventory... 

Here's how to successfully test your placement
connections using the "Ad Mode" PLC Test Toggle.



For detailed instructions on How to Add an App/Site, please click here.
For detailed instructions on How to Add a Placement, please click here.




  • Previously, in order to test a Placement (PLC) and ensure a successful integration with AerServ, publishers were required to manually enter Test PLCs manually, before entering their Live PLC numbers.
  • The "Ad Mode" Toggle removes the need for Test PLCs, and allows publishers to use their Live, Production PLCs from the start, toggling between "Live" and "Test" ad modes. 



Ad Products Supported by Ad Mode Toggle

  • aerBanner
  • aerVideo
  • aerWall 


Please note: the aerNative Ad Product still requires manual testing. Please reach out to your Publisher Account Manager to test your native placements.
For more information on Native Static and Native Video, please see the "Native" tab of the S2S API Integration Doc.



Where to Find the Ad Mode Toggle in the UI

The "Ad Mode" Toggle can be found in a few locations in the AerServ Platform:

  1. The Create Placement Pop-Up (Step 2)
    • ml7J688bzX.gif
  2. The Edit Placement Page
    • G4WxwokkM4.gif
  3. The Integration Page (Step 4)
    • 0TLcbS5Am0.gif


How to Use the Ad Mode Toggle


This is the default setting when a publisher creates a placement.

This mode signifies that if the integration is successful, "live," revenue-generating ads will be trafficked to the placement. 

Screen_Shot_2018-06-19_at_12.18.39_PM.png This mode signifies that if the integration is successful, "test" ads will be trafficked to the placement.


The ad mode of all placements is always defaulted to "Live" ads.

You can begin sending test ads to any placement to verify your integration with AerServ by switching the toggle to "Test" mode at any time.


Please note: You will not recieve live, revenue-generating ads
if you do not switch the Ad Mode to "Live" once testing is complete.


On the last step of the Integration Page, for example:




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