Getting Started with InMobi Dynamic Bidding


InMobi Dynamic Bidding allows publishers using a different mediation platform (ex: Mopub) to reap the benefits of OpenAuction with our dynamic header bidding solution. Integrate our SDK and call InMobi alongside your current mediation platform, and we'll return a dynamic bid that can be inserted into your waterfall.



Please Note: Dynamic Bidding is only supported in AerServ SDK Version 3.1.5 and higher.
You can get the latest Android and iOS SDKs here.


How It Works


  1. When a request is made to your ad server, a request is also made to our SDK.
  2. InMobi runs a server-side auction including 50+ DSPs, exchanges and ad networks to find the highest paying bidder.
  3. This bid is passed back into your ad server (ex: MoPub) to compete with your other demand. It is matched with the highest paying ad line using keywords.
  4. If the InMobi ad line is called, our SDK renders the ad and you make money!


How to Integrate

  1. Integrate SDK versions 3.1.5 or higher - get the latest iOS and Android versions here.
  2. Integrate ad lines into your ad server (MoPub instructions here) that correspond with various price points. Your InMobi account manager can assist you if needed.
  3. When a request is made to your ad server, also make a request to the SDK.
  4. You’re all set!



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